Holiday Weekend, New TSA Rule Work Against Travelers at Sac International

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SACRAMENTO -- Lines at Sacramento International Airport's Terminal A stretched into the parking garage and doubled back into the terminal early Friday.

It didn't help that Terminal A had just five x-ray stations while airlines continue to increase the number of morning flights.

"I think it’s ridiculous. I fly all over the country and they need to clean this up, fix it," passenger Jan Brown said.

Just the day before, airport officials said over 90 passengers missed their flights because they didn’t heed the usual "arrive two hours before departure" advisory.

Passengers here normally don’t need two hours, but several things worked against them this week.

The Veterans Day holiday was recognized Friday because it falls on a Saturday this year, and the TSA recently tightened up x-ray monitoring rules, which now require small electronics like e-books and video game consoles to be pulled out of carry ons and put into a bin.

“All it takes is one little item that you didn’t know you had to have out. They didn’t let us know ahead of time, the lines back up, it would have been nice to know that information before," passenger Bill Bailey said.

It was rough on those not familiar with the security routine.

"I don't travel often but it’s the first time I’ve been in this long of a line," passenger Duilan Ney said. "It’s pretty crazy."

The travelers who took heed of the back up on Thursday got here early. For others, it was eyes on the clock -- hoping they would make their flight.

Lines greatly reduced in size after the morning, and the airport doesn't believe Saturday will be as busy -- though that is hard to predict.