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Las Vegas Massacre Survivors, Victims’ Families Come Together at Rocklin Benefit Concert

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ROCKLIN -- Survivors of the Las Vegas massacre came together in triumph Friday, raising funds and hope for those who survived and paying tribute to all who were lost.

Tim Taylor's brother, Derrick "Bo" Taylor, was a veteran correctional officer who was killed as Stephen Paddock fired from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

"I'm trying to put closure to everything, but right now it's very hard," Taylor said. "Can't replace him. I mean, plus, he was a guy that wasn't afraid to check me and tell me when I was wrong and tell me when I was doing good. He was a good friend aside from being a brother."

Chip and Lisa Schau were more than just faces in the crowd Friday night at Halftime Bar and Grill in Rocklin for the "Route 91 Strong Benefit Concert." They were also faces in the crowd the night of the Las Vegas massacre.

"I grabbed her hand and said, 'Hey, you gotta trust me, we gotta run,'" Sacramento resident Chip Schau told FOX40. "So, I grabbed her and we started running out the back. Me and three other guys kicked down part of the fence, and went through the fence and were helping people through there."

They have been determined about their healing from all that, already having returned to Las Vegas to confront the city again and getting tattoos in memory of the tragedy.

"For us, coming and being amongst people that were there with us is important to us, because they know how we feel," Lisa Schau said.

The concert all came together as a result of another local Las Vegas survivor, Lisa Fine. She too had no physical injuries from that night, but will always carry it with her.

"Those images are in my head every day, and I think it just motivates me more," Fine said. "I want to do more. I want to live the biggest life and I just want to have the biggest impact for support, strength, hope, change."