Local Seniors Feel Left Behind after Yuba County Sells Senior Center

YUBA COUNTY -- Seniors, who have made so many memories at the Yuba County Senior Center, building bonds over baking, eating and Bingo, will have to take a break from their activities.

The senior center has been mostly funded through Bingo. The Yuba County Office of Education owns the building they make that money in and will be selling it in order to expand the county's programs for special needs students.

"It kinda makes you feel like you're getting kicked to the curb," said Erica Jones.

Yuba County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Francisco Reveles, told FOX40 that, although they do not fund the senior center, they do have compassion for those that go there every week.

That's why the Office of Education has been helping them look for new locations. Dr. Reveles said he cannot say how long that may take, however.

"We'll make new memories there, if we get one," said Linda Ott, who went to the senior center and has dementia.

"She can remember these memories, these happy moments at the senior center," said Myung Marin, Ott's daughter. "So, we have to find them a new place where they can gather.”

A while ago, the senior center lost what funding they did have along with their Meals on Wheels program. So, they have been cooking their own meals to feed the 30 to 60 seniors every day. For some, it's the only warm meal they get.

The seniors of Yuba County are asking for donations to start a new center.

The center is also having a rummage sale Saturday to raise funds for a new location. The sale will take place at 4979 Olivehurst Avenue in Olivehurst.

The center's final day of activities is Nov. 18 and will conclude with a holiday party.