CSU Stanislaus Students, Supporters March Nearly 50 Miles for Immigration Reform

TURLOCK -- Several CSU Stanislaus students and supporters of DACA marched from Turlock to Modesto on Sunday, hoping to let Congress know that they want an immediate resolution to the uncertainty surrounding the Dreamers Act.

Sunday was the third and final day of the march, which went from Merced to Livingston on Friday and Livingston to Turlock Saturday. The march is expected to end at Cesar Chavez Park in Modesto Sunday night.

"We want to get awareness from different towns, Merced to Livingston, Turlock, Delhi, Keyes, Modesto, Ceres to let people know there will be immigration reform," organizer Alejandro Garcia said.

Overall, nearly 50 miles were marched over the three day period.

“Now is the time for Congress to pass a fair and compassionate immigration reform bill," said Regional Coordinator Melissa Santos of Mi Familia Vota. “If the DREAM Act passes there will still be over 8 million immigrants in the shadows, unable to apply for any type immigration relief. We will do all that we can to ensure that our representatives are listening to us and understand that the fight continues.”

Organizers said they want the community and DREAMers to know that they stand with them and that they are looking for a permanent solution -- not just deferred action.

"I know that my voice is a little bit low, but I still think that Congress needs to hear our voice, that we are willing to take over 100,000 steps so they can take one step. Pass the DREAM Act Congress, pass the DREAM Act now, not in March, now," said organizer Rosa Salmeron.

Salmeron said that she wants America to know that DREAMers and immigrants love the Unites States and for many of them it's the only country they know.

About 30 to 40 people participated in the march.

"Very empowering to see that I'm not the only one. A lot of people are going through the same situation I am, where we are going to school, we are helping our communities," Garcia said.