Co-Workers of Good Samaritan Whose Legs Were Severed When He Was Hit by Suspected DUI Driver Set Up GoFundMe

SACRAMENTO -- Twenty-four-year-old Jacob Olsen was in court Tuesday -- his own arm in a sling -- as felony charges were read against him.

Police say Olsen was driving drunk on the freeway Sunday morning when he plowed into a car that had run out of gas.

Another man, a complete stranger, 29-year-old Mark Poss, had stopped to help that car.

"He is that type of person. And so, it's one of those incidents where you're like 'why?! You just could have kept driving.' But that's who Mark is," said Jena Balangue, who is a co-worker of Mark Poss.

Poss was helping the passenger of the disabled car -- Mario Sanchez -- push that car down the 15th Street off-ramp to a gas station. Meaning, Sanchez and Poss were standing behind the car when police say Olsen rear-ended it.

Poss had both his legs severed as a result.

"It was shocking, kind of like a disbelief. Didn't seem like it was real," said Jennifer Lee, another co-worker.

Co-workers of Poss are trying to help and support their friend in any way possible. They started a fundraising account to help defray medical expenses.

So moved was the community by this story of a good Samaritan who paid dearly for his selflessness, that the account skyrocketed into the tens of thousands of dollars within just a few hours.

"Mark, we love you. We are here for you, whatever you need, we are continuously thinking about you and your family. You'll be in our prayers," said Balangue.

"And we just want you to not have to worry about anything. I want you to get all the support you can," Lee said.