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Elk Grove Police Investigating Armed Robbery at Best Buy

ELK GROVE -- The Elk Grove Police Department is investigating an armed robbery at the Best Buy store on West Stockton Boulevard.

Tuesdya night there were frightening moments inside the store as robbers terrorized employees at gunpoint and took merchandise.

There is a stock room in the back of the store, and that's just where police say two men were headed when they walked through the doors around 7 p.m.

Surveillance cameras captured images of the men they're looking for now -- one in a light-colored hoodie with long dreadlocks, the other in a dark, puffy vest with what appears to be a Hurley hat.

Investigators say they walked into the stock room and started stuffing electronics into two duffel bags they had hidden on them -- pulling a gun and tying up the hands of two employees who came to confront them with USB cables and phone cords.

Noah Brown says he asked the man with dreadlocks if he needed any help as he walked through and got the brush off.

"I didn't know he was a suspect  at all until I heard it on the mic, then I knew something was wrong. I was just doing my job helping the guy out and everything and out of nowhere I heard code blue... somebody being held up at gunpoint, tied up...what's going on? My first instinct was really to go to see what was happening in the warehouse, but so I was helping a customer and I didn't want to leave my customer," said Brown.

After tying up the first two workers police say the robbers continued grabbing items until more employees tried to stop them.

"Two managers go back to check on the employees and were then confronted by the armed suspect. Fearing for their safety they did not confront the suspect. Both suspects leave through the back door in an unknown direction," said Officer Jason Jimenez with the Elk Grove Police Department.

Jimenez says the one gun involved in the incident wasn't fired during the robbery and though shaken, no employees were hurt.

If you know anything about what happened at Best Buy, you're asked to give Elk Grove police a call.

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