Sac County Approves ‘Scattered’ Approach to Housing for Homeless

SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento County is has voted 5-0 to approve a "scattered" approach for helping out homeless in the county.

County supervisors heard a proposal Tuesday that would include around 15 location for homeless to be housed and receive services.

In March, supervisors approved a plan to create a 75-person bed facility for temporary housing for homeless. However, finding a location has become an issue so a "Plan B" now may come into play.

The proposal by Ann Edwards, the director of the county's Department of Human Assistance, would be to place the 75 people slated for the one facility to be house and spread them out across 15 rental homes across the county.

"We would need to have an intake location and then transport, but the whole idea to is house people and we will continue to look at multiple spots or a spot," County Supervisor Don Notolli said.

In the rental housing scenario, which would be covered with the $44 million allocated to homeless assistance over the next few years in Sacramento County, those using the rental homes would be allowed to live with their pets, partners and personal items.

Joan Burke with Loaves and Fishes refers to the that as the "Three P's."

Burke says she see a potential issue with resources when it comes to the scattered living plan, and says she would like to have the facility under one roof, but believes any option is a good option with the rainy season heading our way.

"We can't let the fact that we can't solve the whole problem in fell swoop from stopping us from doing what we know works," Burke said.

Burke says there are currently 3,000 homeless people living in Sacramento County.

The exact locations for the rental housing have not been announced.