Daughter Remembers Mother Who was Hit, Killed in Stockton

It's joyous for a mother and daughter when they're finally welcoming a new generation to the family.

"She was excited and told me the life of motherhood, what I was gonna go through and how to get through it," said Markena Gibbs.

What Army veteran Kathena Bridgewater never got a chance to tell her pregnant daughter was how to get through it, without her.

"The Kenneth Grubb guy, he hit her. He said he didn't see her," Markena said.

"You killed her."

"Because of your irresponsibilities in getting behind the wheel drunk," she said.

The Stockton Police Department says 29-year-old Kenneth Grubb was driving under the influence when he hit Bridgewater with his car Monday night. She was walking with her husband, crossing El Dorado Street at Martinique Court. The couple had just married in August.

"They said he kept going, all the way to Dameron Hospital and then he called Stockton PD from the payphone," Markena said.

Traveling that distance, 5.5 miles, would take roughly 15 minutes. In the meantime, Markena says a second car hit her mother in the road. By the time paramedics arrived, she was dead.

"We felt like it should have been a manslaughter charge," Markena said.

As of Thursday night, Grubb was officially charged with misdemeanor DUI -- not vehicular manslaughter, not even DUI with death.

He has since been released from jail on his own recognizance with alcohol monitoring services.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office tells FOX40 this is consistent with other DUI cases -- that these initial charges are based on evidence from the initial police report. They say if new facts come to light, the DA's office will amend the charges.

"They just said 'hey, he's getting released and he's going on ankle until Dec. 13,'" Markena said.

That is when Grubb's court hearing will be continued. The police department could not release the results of Grubb's breathalyzer, but Markena says authorities told her his blood alcohol content.

"It was two stages over the legal limit," she said.

"We're gonna fight for justice for her, 'cause she deserves justice," she said.

The woman who fought for her country.

"She was just the head and the strongest of our family," Markena said.