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Foothills Pummeled with Precipitation

PLACERVILLE -- With consistency and force, the rain in El Dorado County turned driving into a dangerous challenge Wednesday.

"It was pretty bad, it was foggy, hydroplaning to get down into Placerville it was pretty spooky," said driver Tammy Hartnett.

The CHP and El Dorado County Fire Department were on scene of a single-car accident on westbound Highway 50 on Thursday. Officials say the slick roads many have been at least partly to blame. The driver was uninjured.

The rain was only part of the problem on the roads near Pollock Pines. A thick layer of fog made visibility less than ideal.

Off the roads, just getting around on foot was no easy task -- umbrellas and fast walking were the theme.

"We just opened the other day, so normally the first few days are pretty slow," XX said.

In the parking lot of the Safeway in Pollock Pines, Sharon Cortes carried on with business as usual.

She was selling candy to raise money for the Pollock Pines-Camino Community Association. Luckily, she had a trailer to hang out in, otherwise there would be no sales today.

The rain for her is just bothersome. She wants the flakes that the colder weather brings.

"As long as I'm in the house with the fireplace going - it can snow," Cortes said.