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Sierra Snow Storm Frustrates Drivers

KINGVALE -- Slipping and sliding was the order of the night in the Sierra as snow fell on roads already slick from from a full day of rain.

It was all Jonathan Smith and Kyle Cornelius could do not to have the brand new Fusion they were in end up on a tow truck.

"It's been absolutely ridiculous, we slipped through the intersection, and so we decided we better do something different," said Smith.

That something different in their drive from Oregon to Texas?

Deciding to stop and have chains put on at Kingvale even though they weren't necessary at the time.

"I've never driven these roads before and it's a brand new car," Cornelius said, shaking his head.

"The people here are great. She came outside and helped us put 'em on. She broke a nail doing it," said Smith.

Shell employee Alanna O'Pecko laughs about it.

Downplaying the assault to her manicure, she said "I should have had my gloves on."

Quickly she's on to the next in need.

It's normal when you're working at the shop she says sells more chains than any other spot in the country.

Everyone was not taking the winter wind-up in stride.

There was a veritable stand-off between a Caltrans worker and a truck driver determined to turn into a truck-free zone and against clear instructions.

He finally got the idea.

Elsewhere up at Donner Summit there was no heavy snow falling, but what there was was just enough to frustrate drivers up and down Interstate 80.

A year of hard work with AmeriCorps was nothing in comparison to running into a snowy obstacle for Lauren Black and Joey Sheehan.

They were just trying to road trip it home to South Carolina when chain controls went into effect.

"A little extra adventure," said Black.

Her birthday's coming and Joey got her some bling she didn't even know she wanted -- chains.