5-Year-Old West Sacramento Girl Wants to be a Cub Scout

WEST SACRAMENTO -- A West Sacramento girl is hoping to become one of the first female Cub Scouts in her area -- and she’s just 5 years old.

Ever since the Boy Scouts of America made its announcement last month that it would allow girls into its program, the Sacramento chapter says it has been getting a lot of interest.

When FOX40 asked 5-year-old Carmela Giordano why she wanted to join the Cub Scouts she couldn’t exactly say.

“I don’t know,” Carmela said.

When she plays with her older brothers, it’s obvious she just wants to join in on the fun. Carmela’s father, Michael Giordano, said the Scouts just matches her personality.

“She’s a daredevil,” Michael Giordano said. "We watch her play with the boys when we go camping and stuff, she’s right there jumping off the logs and stuff, or throwing rocks in the water, or whatever.”

As a den leader, Michael Giordano would organize camping trips and other events for Carmela’s two older brothers.

“We’d bring the family a lot of times, the entire family when we would go do certain things," he said. "My daughter gets to participate in a lot of that stuff, especially on the camping trips, and they have so much fun.”

So, when the Boy Scouts of America made the announcement last month that they would let girls participate, Carmela said she was ready to take the Scouts' pledge.

“Both me and my wife’s ears perked up, and then when we talked to my daughter she was like, 'Yeah!'” Carmela's father said.

The Sacramento-based Golden Empire Council of the Boy Scouts of America said calls from families like the Giodanos have been pouring in.

“They will be able to register in Cub Scout programs, so elementary school aged girls in Cub Scout programs, in the fall of 2018,” said Abigail McCullough, senior district executive of the Golden Empire Council.

However, the council says the Scouts will be organizing dens as single gender programs. So, Carmela will not be in the same den as her brothers.

“We’ll have all girl packs and all boy packs," McCullough said. "So, it will be independent programs, but very parallel running on the same Cub Scout program.”

Still, Carmela’s brother, Niccolo, told FOX40 he wouldn’t mind having girls in his den.

“Most of the time I only see boys there, but then girls like my sister, they’re pretty exciting,” Niccolo said.

Girls will be able to join Cub Scouts in August and starting in January older girls will be able to join the Boy Scouts, a title they may rename. For more information regarding girls joining the Cub Scouts visit their site.