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Man Who Escaped from Hawaiian Psychiatric Hospital Appears in Court

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STOCKTON -- The man authorities once described as a "dangerous psychopath" appeared before a San Joaquin County judge Friday, nearly a week after he escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Hawaii and flew to California.

Randall Saito told FOX40 on Thursday that he left the hospital because he felt unsafe and mistreated, and wanted to prove he "could be in the community without messing up."

He said the same thing to the judge on Friday, making his wishes very clear.

"Well, first of all, the waive extradition thing, I really don't want to go back to Hawaii," Saito said.

According to the complaint FOX40 obtained, Hawaii seeks to extradite him to charge him with felony escape for breaking out of a psychiatric hospital and flying to California.

"Well, I trust him when he said in court, 'I don’t want to go back to Hawaii,'" said San Joaquin County Supervising Deputy District Attorney Robert Himelblau. "So, I guess he’ll enjoy the Thanksgiving feast at the San Joaquin County Jail."

Himelblau said, since Saito waived extradition, attorneys will now have to prove his identity through fingerprints and photographs.

"Prolonging the inevitable, a lot of us do it, right?" Himelblau said. "You know, when are we going to go running, when are we going to go start that diet?"

Himelblau said Saito is considered a flight risk because he has already escaped once. Saito is currently being housed in a more secure part of the jail.

Saito will be back in court on Nov. 27.

In 1981, authorities committed Saito to the hospital following the gruesome murder of 29-year-old Sandra Yamashiro, who prosecutors said Saito shot and stabbed numerous times before leaving her body at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu.

He told FOX40 he came to California because he went to high school in Lodi. He was arrested after a cab driver recognized him from news reports.

"I would be afraid, fearful for the public if he were still at loose... still at large, I would be concerned about that," Himelblau said. "But I’m not fearful that he’ll escape from administrative segregation unit from our county jail."