Sac State Beats UC Davis in Wild Causeway Classic Win

SACRAMENTO -- It was the 64th annual Causeway Classic Saturday and UC Davis had won the contest 45 times to Sacramento State's 19.

Scott Marsh is the voice of play-by-play for the Aggies. As a UC Davis alumni himself, he knows what the Causeway Classic is all about.

"Have fun, tailgate, talk some smack," Marsh said. "That's what the big thing with this football game is and, for both schools right now, rising football programs."

Rising to an historic level in the case of Sacramento State.

With Saturday's 52 to 47 win in a wild Causeway Classic, the Hornets have made their case for a first ever trip to the playoffs in their subdivision.

"This football team has gone through a lot in the last 10 weeks, 11 weeks whatever it was, they deserve to be in the playoffs," said Sacramento State head coach Jody Sears. "They deserve to be in the national playoffs."

With the win Saturday night, the Hornets already earned their most Big Sky wins since joining the conference 21 years ago.

"You know, I think we are a real exciting team," said Sacramento State quarterback Kevin Thomson. If we get a shot, we won't make them regret it."