White House Disaster Relief Request Leaves Out California

SACRAMENTO -- Many California lawmakers have been criticizing federal disaster aid funding, feeling left behind in the wake of the most recent wildfires.

There`s hardly a face that walks into the Loma Rica Pizza Round-Up that Kim Hobbs doesn`t know.

"I really don`t see a change in faces, I just see more faces," Hobbs said.

After being shuttered for a week during the Cascade Fire, Hobbs said the business has been busier than ever.

To say the flames got too close to home is an understatement.

"It was devastating just driving up Loma Rica Road," Hobbs told FOX40.

Right next door to the pizza parlor, Hobbs' mom's property burned to the ground. They showed FOX40 the aftermath last month. Since then, Hobbs said, "It's been pretty easy going."

Hobbs says her mother has already received a check from FEMA, the only disaster assistance they were seeking.

On Friday, the Trump administration asked Congress to approve a $44 billion supplemental aid package for disaster relief. None of that $44 million was earmarked for California wildfire recovery efforts, drawing sharp criticism from California`s senators.

California has requested $7 billion in federal aid, but for now at least Hobbs says she has what she needs.

"I`d give it an 'A,'" she said.