Public Art in Davis Poses a Question: What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?

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 DAVIS -- The city of Davis and Yolo Hospice have collaborated to bring the “Before I Die” public art installation to 1st Street in Davis.

Four chalkboards, one in Arabic, English, Chinese and Spanish simply provide a prompt: “Before I die I want to.” They all invite the public to fill in the blank.

Responses cover people's desires, with everything from traveling to Europe, to adopting a pet, to spending time with family.

The project originated in New Orleans and has been duplicated worldwide.

"I saw people are writing what they want," said Laura Martinez, who decided to participate.

For Martinez it wasn’t even a question. She wrote "quiero ver justiciar," or "I want to see justice." In all forms, she said, from protections for DACA students to support for the hungry and homeless.

Even at 9 years old, Martinez's daughter, Ana Kalinka, was inspired by the project.

"What I wrote was, 'I would like to spend time with my family,'" she said.

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