Stockton Emergency Food Bank Hands Out Thanksgiving Dinner Supplies to Families in Need

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STOCKTON -- There were lots of smiles and "thank yous" Monday morning at the Emergency Food Bank of Stockton as they gave out more than 2,200 turkey boxes to residents in need.

Raquel Aragon says she understands what it's like to struggle, especially during the holidays.

"There's people out there that don't have nothing. I grew up with a really poor family so I know how it is. So for them to do something like this, it's thoughtful. We need human kindness in the world," said Aragon, who received a turkey.

Aragon and her family were in line by 3 a.m. Monday, but they were still far from the front. Some people started lining up Saturday night. That line wrapped blocks around the food bank.

"The need has always been here within Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley. The numbers only increase every year. Last year we gave away 2,200 boxes. We have prepared for 2,200 boxes, a little bit more," said Alesha Pichler, community relations manager with the Stockton Food Bank.

Those boxes of goods were handed out by hundreds of local volunteers.

Some of those in line were also volunteers, like Michelle Cunningham, who lined up for her elderly neighbors.

"We just came out to help some of the neighbors that couldn't get out that are elderly that don't need to stand out since 10 o'clock last night," Cunningham said.

She says she hopes people continue to give back this holiday season.

"I was raised Christian and that's what we do," Cunningham said.