9th Annual Macy’s Theatre of Lights

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Gary is out in Old Sacramento getting a preview of the 9th annual Macy's Theatre of Lights event scheduled to happen November 22.

4:30 p.m. The Throw Zone: Jeremiah the Juggler
4:45 p.m.: Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy
5:15 p.m.: Capitol City Dance Academy Junior Team
5:20 p.m.: Capitol City Dance Academy Senior Team
5:25 p.m.: Miss California Outstanding Teen Sings “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”
5:30 p.m.: Sacramento City College Choir Leads Group Holiday Caroling
6:00 p.m.: Tree Lighting Ceremony
6:15 p.m.: Theatre of Lights Kickoff Show
7:00 p.m.: Post-show concert by City of Trees Band