Family, Friends Hold Vigil for 15-Year-Old Killed One Year Ago

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ARDEN-ARCADE -- It was a sobering Thanksgiving weekend for the family and friends of Raul Guerro.

The 15-year-old El Camino High School student died a year ago after being stabbed during a rowdy fight between older teenagers and adults. His family say he got caught up in the melee near his apartment.

On the one year anniversary of when he was taken off life support, family and friends lit candles and placed them on a makeshift shrine near his home on Friday.

His family is still hoping someone will come forward and help solve the crime.

“Basically, all we ask is for somebody to speak up, if you know of friends of friends that were involved," said the victim's sister, Stephanie Guerra. "You know that whole snitch thing, it’s very irrelevant,"

His family is concerned that the circumstances surrounding his death gives the wrong impression of Raul, a kid who loved Rugby and hoped to go to college and become a law enforcement officer.

“Good grades, didn’t have trouble with anybody and a homebody," Stephanie Guerra explained.

How he got tangled up in the dispute with the rowdy crowd is still unknown.

This Thanksgiving weekend others have something to thankful for. Three organ recipients benefited from Raul's organ donation.

”We're glad that he was able to at least help others, but it's still very painful for our family," Stephanie Guerra said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department had several leads, but haven't been able to act.

The family is hoping that somehow someone will come forward because at least two dozen people were at the scene of the stabbing.

“All we pray for is just justice for him and that at least people will be on the side of, 'You know what, he was a 15-year-old kid that didn’t deserve this,'" Stephanie Guerra said.

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