2 Armed Robberies Reported in Folsom on Black Friday

FOLSOM -- Two reported armed robberies in Folsom on Black Friday were a reminder that shoppers and their gifts can become targets during the holiday season.

Early Friday morning police say two teenagers robbed a woman at gunpoint. It happened near the Victoria's Secret at the Palladio.

“No crime that I know of, that I’ve even heard of like that, that’s crazy,” said Mary Cervantez, who was shopping at the Palladio for Black Friday.

Twelve hours later, Folsom Police were investigating another reported armed robbery. This time, a delivery truck driver said a truck was stolen near Folsom Point. It was found close by with packages still in the back.

Every year, even in the seemingly safest places, the few but unafraid find clever new ways to take what is not theirs.

“I think that they’re mean,” said Cervantez's daughter, Angela, who was with her for their shopping trip.

Before calling police there are a few things to consider.

Pay attention to your surroundings and if you get a bad gut instinct, listen to it. Keep valuables out of sight, especially in your car and lock your doors quickly. Keep receipts on you, not in your bag.