Wet Weather Slows Down Holiday Travelers

As millions of Americans are getting on the road or to the airport to head back home, in Northern California the wet weather has certainly been slowing things down.

According to Forbes, Sunday was the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving season. So, a lot of people are doing what they can to make the trip home more enjoyable.

For Charles Hunt and his son Nathan, they enjoy their holiday tradition of buying their favorite road trip snacks.

"We're heading back to Reno from San Francisco," Hunt said.

Sunday was a long, rainy drive for the Hunt family, a big reason so many stopped at the Shell and McDonald's combination store near the Ikea in West Sacramento.

"I need to use the lady's room... drinks, gas. I really just need to get out of the car and walk around," said Brescia Beckner.

Beckner was visiting from Boston. She said California's traffic was on a whole other level of terrible.

"The traffic is insane here," she said. "Boston traffic is bad, but at least traffic moves, where as the traffic here doesn't go anywhere. You sit in the same spot."

Looking around the parking lot of In-N-Out Burger, you could tell it was not just Californians clogging the freeways in the holiday rush home.

We spoke to one family who stopped for burgers. But they didn't have much time to spare, they were trying to cross Donner Summit before the snow.

One of the children in the family actually wanted to get stuck in the snow because she thought she would be able to watch more TV in the car.

Meanwhile, Nathan doesn't have TV in his car, and his dad is dreading heading through Roseville.

"It seems like where you turn off to go to 65, that seems to bottleneck everybody and it just comes to a halt most of the time right there," Charles Hunt said.