Busy Midtown Intersection to Close until Friday

SACRAMENTO -- I Street in Midtown Sacramento will be closed between 20th and 19th streets until Friday for work on the railroad.

A spokesperson for Union Pacific says the work is considered maintenance for safety.

Workers are digging up areas around the railroad to even out the surfaces as well as checking the crossing arm guard boxes.

The City of Sacramento says its data shows that about 9,000 cars a day use this section of I Street.

The intersection of I and 19th streets is where attorney David Mastagi has his offices. He's not thrilled about the work, and says he wasn't given a heads up about the shutdown.

"They just showed up this morning," Mastagni said.

Mastagni has about 100 employees and he says with the road shutdown for a block parking, which he believes is already limited, will be greatly tested.

The work is part of a $180,000,000 infrastructure investment project across the state according to Union Pacific.