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Series of Sideshows Shut Down Stockton Streets

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STOCKTON -- A series of sideshows blocked streets Sunday night in Stockton, putting other drivers and nearby families in danger, police said.

According to the California Highway Patrol, crowds gathered near Highway 99 and Golden Gate, and on Lower Sacramento and Eight Mile roads.

Tom Beck, the manager of Beck's Holiday Specialties near Lower Sacramento and Eight Mile, says the sideshow near his business nearly became a riot. Video taken on his phone shows a frenzy of drivers doing doughnuts in the intersections, but Beck says that was actually a calm moment before things got out of hand.

"The kids are changing tires out there on their car," Beck said. "Really didn’t know what they were doing, I thought they were staging and maybe go some place for a drag race."

He estimated there were 200 drivers and 500 spectators at the intersection. It got to be so chaotic, Beck says he had to shut down his business.

"We just locked our gates up and just suffered through it," he said.

Beck added that someone stole two of his holiday trees and some traffic cones -- and set them on fire.

The CHP in Stockton is investigating and say while some drivers may think these meetups are exciting, they are also illegal and extremely dangerous.