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Teen Goes Missing While Shopping at Stockton Walmart

STOCKTON -- A woman runs her hand down a missing person flyer and pats it with a care that tells you the girl on the front must be her daughter.

Sixteen-year-old Jasmine Garcia has been gone for three days.

"She has a lot of people that love her," said Carmen Garcia, Jasmine's mom.

She was shopping with people who love her -- her mom and dad -- when she went missing Friday from the Walmart on Hammer Lane in Stockton. She was wearing pajamas and didn't have a phone, her wallet, ID or money.

"We're coming on Monday now, and I don't know anything about her. So I just want her to come home, I just want her to be OK," Carmen Garcia said.

Carmen Garcia searched the store that night several times. When she couldn't find Jasmine, she called police. She says it's what a Stockton police officer told her, after watching the store's surveillance video, that got her so concerned. A detail that made it sound like Jasmine vanished.

"He goes, 'I'm just notifying you that it does show when you guys walk into the store, but it doesn't show, at anytime, when she leaves,'" Carmen Garcia said.

"For them to say they didn't see her come out, it just doesn't make sense. How can you come in a store and not come out?"

The Stockton Police Department says they did take a missing person's report for Jasmine, but her family worries they are not taking her disappearance seriously since Jasmine left home once before.

"I feel like they're not giving it the attention it deserves because of what happened before," Jasmine's cousin said.

They say the one time before, Jasmine packed a bag with clothes but came back home quickly.

Monday night, Carmen's friends and even a few strangers met her to pass out flyers.

"If she's out there, I just want her to know it's OK to come home," Carmen Garcia said.