Teen Surprises Burglar, Chases Him Out of House

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TURLOCK -- A burglar who broke into a home in the middle of the afternoon ran into a teen he wasn't expecting to be there.

The teen was just following family instructions, not answering the door if she didn't know who was standing outside, but after it was kicked in, she called 911 and was able to scare the burglar away when the came face to face.

Home surveillance video shows the moments leading up to the burglary. The front door of Bobi-Jo Pederson McCalley's home was kicked in by a burglar. It happened a little after 3 p.m. Sunday in a quiet neighborhood off Castleview Drive.

McCalley did not want to speak on camera, but she says she wasn't home when a man forced his way into her home after he rang the doorbell several times.

What the man didn't know was McCalley's 13-year-old daughter had hid herself in a closet after hearing the door come down. McCalley says her daughter was on the phone with police when the man took a tote bag and filled it wither jewelry before opening the closet door, where he found the teen.

McCalley says the teen screamed and started to hit the man before he took off.

The home surveillance shows the man race out the door and into a car, where another man was waiting for him before they took off.

McCalley's daughter followed him out of the house and police arrived a minute later.

Anyone with information about the two men is asked to contact the Turlock Police Department.


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