‘Tis the Season: How to Protect Your Packages from Porch Pirates

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SACRAMENTO -- With Thanksgiving over with, the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

When it comes to shopping, Lisa Sorenson likes to keep it simple.

"I'm kind of old school. I'm going to Target right now to buy my wrapping paper and all my goodies," she said.

Sorenson doesn't like to shop online often for one particular reason.

"The porch pirates," she told FOX40. "That's so sad."

Porch pirates drive around neighborhoods looking for any delivered packages left at your doorstep, and swipe them away.

Many packages should arrive soon, thanks to the rise in e-commerce and the popularity of Cyber Monday. It also means the so-called porch pirates will also be out.

But there are ways to protect yourself from theft, like requiring a signature for deliveries.

Unlike Sorenson, Kristen Stoner does most of her shopping online. She has a few tricks to avoid package theft.

"I have everything delivered to my work because I know it happens all the time," she said.

Other online shoppers schedule deliveries or use an Amazon locker.

In places like Rancho Cordova and El Dorado County, law enforcement officers are posing as postal workers and delivering bait packages. Those packages are filled with fake electronics and a real GPS tracker that will lead the authorities to a thief.

While Sorenson and Stoner have different ways to shop, they both agree on bait packages.

"I think it's awesome," Sorenson said. "I wish I can see them get caught."

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