Matt Lauer Added to List of High-Profile Names Accused of Sexual Misconduct

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The list seems to grow by the day...

Hollywood producers

The latest bombshell allegation comes against one of TV's highest paid anchors -- Matt Lauer.

Variety magazine reports the veteran broadcaster is accused of exposing himself to a colleague and giving a co-worker a sex toy.

"I think its indicative that it's been happening regularly for years and years and finally people are able to articulate 'hey this is happening,'" said Sean Peters who works downtown.

People in downtown Sacramento have strong reactions to the disturbing allegations.

"I feel a lot of women are really quiet about it and feel a lot of it might be their fault, which is untrue," said Angelina Rubalcava who works downtown.

One woman in Sacramento helping to spearhead those changes is Samantha Corbin.

"Certainly people knew about it and everyone was silent," Corbin said.

Corbin is a partner at the lobbying firm Corbin and Kaiser and also the executive director of We Said Enough -- a movement launches with an open letter exposing what they call a culture of inappropriate behavior at the state Capitol.

"You have this domino effect where one person comes forward and it takes down this very large powerful figure whether it's him, it's Weinstein, it's that domino effect, it's the we're stronger together effect, but we shouldn't have to do that every single time," Corbin said.

From politics to Hollywood and the media, Corbin believes progress is being made -- but the work is far from over.

Tuesday, the Assembly held a hearing on sexual harassment. Corbin calls that a step in the right direction.

"We need to rapidly move beyond conversation and into action, particularly for victims who are hurting right now and need access to care," Corbin said.

She and others are hopeful the wave of accusations lead to permanent, systematic change in the workplace.

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