Relationship Expert Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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SACRAMENTO -- Allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace bring up a lot of topics from equality to boundaries to how children are raised. Relationship expert Joey Garcia says these are discussions we need to have to make a change.

"Please cover yourself, your penis does not need to be out of your pants," Garcia said.

This is how Garcia responded to a higher-up exposing himself to her at work when she was just 24 years old.

"I stood up for myself," she said.

The Sacramento relationship expert says sexual misconduct at work isn't new, but bombshells of Hollywood stars caught up in these allegations open the door for conversations about why this happens and what can be done.

Garcia says it's not just men in power who do it.

"It's a cultural issue where we have raised boys to believe they can take what they want and they don't have to ask," she said.

Whether it's a Hollywood executive or someone with a blue-collar job, Garcia says now is the time for some men to look at their actions and behavior.

"Not everyone woman is interested in you sexually, get a clue, and align your conduct more professionally," she said.

But it's not just men who have to change, according to Garcia, women have to take responsibility too. She says they have to speak up and not worry about the consequences.

"We can't say 'I'm afraid to take action, to do what's right because I'm afraid to lose my job,' that excuse has to stay in the 20th century," she said.

Another thing to keep in the 20th century? Garcia says the idea that men are superior to women. She says with the shift in culture will come meaningful change.

"We're finally willing to take a look at issues that have caused pain and harm across the country," she said.

Garcia says the biggest and most important piece of advice she has for women is to speak up if something isn't right.

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