Sheriff Moore Responds to Pathologist’s Resignation Letter

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY -- San Joaquin Sheriff Steve Moore says he is shocked and in disbelief after learning of allegations against him laid out in a pathologist's resignation letter.

Moore spoke with FOX40 on Wednesday, two days after forensic pathologist Dr. Susan Parson described him as retaliatory and arrogant.

"I don't take things personal," he said. "She has a right to resign. She has a right to her concerns."

Parson gave her 90-day notice Monday. In her letter she outlined her grievances against Moore, including "forcefully taking over physician scheduling to inserting himself into how Dr. Omalu and I perform our medical duties with attempts to control and influence our professional judgement and conclusions."

Moore says he doesn't attend autopsies. He adds, as sheriff and coroner, he has to determine the manner of death. Moore admitted he is not medically trained, but can still fulfill his role without interfering with his pathologists.

Since the contents of Parson's resignation letter became public, FOX40 has heard from other who say they are inclined to believe her -- adding they have had the same experience with the sheriff.

John Vanderheiden says he's been trying to get straight answers from Moore about the remains of his daughter, Cydni's.

"He’s lied to me, he’s lied to my family, he’s lied to the media and to me that’s not good," Vanderheiden said.

Retired Reno Police Detective Allan Fox says Moore tried to interfere with his cold case investigation.

"Just too bad that an elected official could get away with something like that," he said.

As for Parson, her union representative has said that she will release specific information about the sheriff's suspected interference.

"That'd be great," he said. "I'd like to be able address those issues.

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