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UC Davis Grad Students Protest House Tax Reform Bill

DAVIS -- Around 100 grad students at UC Davis protested a recently passed House bill on tax reform that could see grad students pay more taxes.

As part of the house tax reform bill, there is a clause that would require grad student tuition to become taxable and no longer allowing it to be waived.

"At a higher tax bracket that means I'm going to lose insurance for my daughter and that's negatively going to affect tax payers, like when we have to go to the hospital for her seizures," says UC Davis grad student Amanda Smith.

Students at UC Davis chanted and held up signs during the protest. Reports say there are about 145,000 grad students studying in the U.S. Similar protests were held at UC campuses across the state Tuesday.

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on its tax reform bill next week, however, there is no stipulation in that bill that would effect grad students as it does in the House proposal.