Deplorable Conditions Found Inside Home of Tehama County Shooter

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TEHAMA COUNTY -- "Guys you may be shocked by the deplorable conditions inside the house and see where the wife spent her final moments alive," said Private Investigator Frank Roman.

Roman kicked open the door to Kevin and Barbara Neal’s 1,000-square foot home.

The couple lived in this Rancho Tehama home for eight years.

"You can see, there's no running water," Roman said.

Deplorable conditions in nearly every corner of the home. In the bathroom, the sink was filled with clutter and dirt.The shower was covered with cobwebs and grime.

Everywhere we stepped, we found thick layers of dirt beneath our feet.

But amid all the filth and stacks of paper, we spotted a love letter written by Barbara to her husband.

Also inside – remnants of a pot growing operation.

"This is the residual, what's left," Roman said.

Roman also took us to the spot where Barbara Neal’s body was discovered by officers.

"Kevin allegedly cut the hole in the floor after he shot her, and dumped the body in the hole," Roman said.

Near the three-foot deep hole, a blue tarp that Roman says was used to wrap her body.

"Barbara was a very tiny lady. So easily dispose of her body," he said.

As for what will become of this home, Roman, who is now responsible for it, says he has a plan.

"We donate this to the fire department, have them use it as a training exercise, and burn it down.... invite the community here to come and watch final resolution of this," Roman said.

The home will be gone, but the memory and the hurt left behind will forever scar this community and the families who lost so much.