Volunteers Working to Bring Back Turlock’s Oxford Court Christmas Train

TURLOCK -- A beloved holiday train will run again -- at least that's the hope in Turlock.

The Oxford Court Christmas train has been a major draw in Stanislaus County for two decades. It's been gone for a few years, but this season, families have been working day in and day out to bring the tradition back.

The train was built 20 years ago by a man who was not necessarily trained as a mechanical engineer. So there's no manual. Neighbors are sort of winging it in the hopes of getting the beloved train up and running.

"Do we know the whole thing how it works? Not really. We just know how it worked last year, two years ago, that's how we're going to run it now," said Tony Ramiro, who is working to get the Christmas train back up and running.

It's been two years since the beloved Oxford Court Christmas train chugged around the neighborhood.

"We’re gonna try to test run it this weekend, but we’re hoping to have it up and running by next week," said organizer Robert Bolian.

The homemade train first made its debut in 1997. The original creators took parts from every day times and constructed them into a functioning train. The wheels are from a lawnmower and a trash bin is also featured in the design.

"I thought, 'wow,' and then when you see the community come out, everybody's pretty happy with it and stuff," Bolian said.

It's brought joy to children of all ages, so when volunteers announced in 2015 that they did not have the man power to keep it running, many families were saddened.

But this holiday, there's more than hope.

"Is it gonna run perfect? Who knows," Ramiro said.

There's volunteer after volunteer donating talent and time, tinkering and toiling to make the train run again.

"Just the holiday cheer and the community coming out, seeing the little kids all happy and stuff," Bolian said.

Come next weekend, neighbors say all the events and all the people who made this event a tradition will be back, too.

Organizers are also collecting canned goods and other items to help families in need throughout Turlock.

Learn more about the train here: https://www.facebook.com/OxfordChristmasTrain/