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WEAVE Sees Increase in Calls to Support Line in Wake of High-Profile Sexual Harassment Cases

SACRAMENTO -- WEAVE is seeing an increase in calls to its support line following high-profile sexual harassment cases.

WEAVE's Chief Development and Marketing Officer Julie Bornhoeft believes the powerful men in Hollywood, the media and politics know better but crossed the line anyway.

"In the case of Matt Lauer, he has covered these stories for years. The idea that he didn't equate that to his own behavior, it's not believable," Bornhoeft said.

But fort all the high-profile cases there are many more sexual harassment and assault cases we never even hear about.

Sometimes they result in an accused losing their job, but recently, some high-profile cases have had the opposite result. Just this week, Matt Lauer lost his job following allegations of sexual harassment.

Bornhoeft hopes that trickles down and leads to change for all women.

"My hope is now that young women, middle age women, any of us will not have to make a decision between staying in a job where you may be excelling or being preyed upon by a predator in the office," Bornhoeft said.

As a result of this issue getting mainstream exposure, Bornhoeft says WEAVE is seeing a spike in calls to its support line.

"It continues to receive over 12,000 calls a year, we would be silly to think some of those haven't been compelled by the amount of attention that's being given to sexual violence right now," Bornhoeft said.

She says the constant spotlight on sexual misconduct recently could be trigger for victims.