Special Needs Zoo Animals Get Help from Inventive Local Students

FOLSOM — Students from Eich Middle School and Cordova, Folsom and Rio American high schools are helping the special needs and rescue animals at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.

The zoo displayed 3-D drawings and models of the kids’ adaptive aid inventions at the Sacramento Convention Center, which are designed to help disabled animals at the zoo.

Members of Professional Engineers in California Government met with the students at the “Innovate for Impact Mentor Day” and critiqued their plans and ideas. Some of their ideas included a Jenga style puzzle for macaques for when they are bored, a hanging feeder to encourage exercise among turtles and new storage sheds for supplies and equipment.

The students are using 3-D printers and professional software to design and create their contraptions. They will submit their projects to the zoo in a few weeks and the zoo plans to install them next spring, according to PECG.

— Kaelyn De Leon filed this report.