Family of Elderly Woman Knocked Down by Robbers Leaving Citrus Heights Rite Aid Remember Her Fondly

The family of Marilyn Stribley, the 87-year-old woman knocked down and killed as she was entering a Citrus Heights Rite Aid store have issued a statement about their beloved family member.

Marilyn Stribley

The family said they wanted to put a “human face to the lady knocked down during the robbery.”

Stribley’s family says they are still “reeling” from the sudden and senseless loss.

She was a widow and recently renewed her license and was a regular at the Rite Aid where she was knocked over during that robbery.

The statement reads in full:

“As a small connected family we are obviously reeling from this sudden and senseless loss.  We have watched for days the re-running of the tape.  Social media, especially in Citrus Heights, has shown an outpouring of compassion for this woman without a name.  We would like to put a human face to the lady knocked down during the robbery.  The details of what happened, everyone has seen.  Progress towards apprehending the suspects will be left to law enforcement.

Marilyn was born in 1930 and raised in Long Beach, CA.  She married William Stribley in 1951, a veteran of the Army Air Corp in WWII.  They raised two daughters, Sheryl and Tamara.  The family was typical, hardworking, great ethics, family values and based on love and respect.  Sheryl and her husband relocated to this area in 1993.  Several years later Tamara and her husband also move north from SoCal.  Marilyn and Bill followed in 2000.

Marilyn and her daughters spoke daily.  Birthdays, holidays, family vacations we were always together and there was always laughter and joy.  Marilyn would always make you feel you were the most important, smartest person in the room.  She was always interested in what you thought.  She was humble and loving towards her sons-in-law and her grandson.  Speaking as a son-in-law, I could not have had a more supportive, non-judgemental, loving mother-in-law.  Her neighbors always commented on how much they enjoyed her company.  She lost her husband in 2014 and has lived independently in Citrus Heights.  She was known by her first name when she walked into Rite Aid and the staff there has led us to believe she was one of their favorite customers.  Last month she proudly renewed her drivers license, continuing to cherish her mobility, do her own shopping and getting out in the community.

Her family adored her, loved her and will fondly remember the lady in this picture as “mom” who always had a smile for everyone.  One consoling factor, none of us has any “if only I had said or done” thoughts.  Love was always present and expressed openly.  We continue to be in shock over the sudden loss.  The emotions of sadness and shock have been with us all week.  Honestly, some anger is setting in.  But because of the fundamentals Marilyn taught her daughters and the family values that continued in the extended family, Marilyn leaves behind a small, close knit family that is supporting one another.  We have a strong faith and so many prayers throughout our support groups and from strangers have given us the strength to get through this tragedy.  We know Marilyn has gone home to the Lord, is in peace and free from her recently broken body.  Knowing this doesn’t eliminate the emotions but does help get us through the days. Marilyn Ann Stribley, wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother will be greatly missed but never forgotten.  Marilyn will be laid to rest along side her husband of 63 years at the VA Cemetery in Dixon.”

The suspects in the Monday robbery have not yet been arrested.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call the Citrus Heights Police Department at (916) 727-5500. Rite Aid has also offered a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the three suspects.