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Squishy the Cat Found 80 Miles from Home, How He Got That Far is Still a Mystery

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LATHROP -- Just to be clear, Squishy the cat didn't leave home because they named him, well, Squishy. But as a kitten he really was squishy!

"I was like, 'You are my Squishy. You will be my Squishy,'" Savannah Orta said.

And he didn't leave home looking for his family. Because he lives with them -- his brothers and sister. Still, Squishy did leave home.

"I hadn't seen him. And so, we started calling for him, and looking for him. And all the other siblings were around," Savannah Orta said.

But Squishy was gone.

How far he would go, though, that's one heck of a tale to tell around the litter box. See, Squishy has a certain personality.

"He's, he's very rambunctious," Marcel Orta said.

So after a month missing, after scouring the neighborhoods and the shelters, Marcel and Savannah Orta were pretty worried.

"The longer it went without seeing him, the worse it got. I was worried maybe he got hit by a car. Maybe someone did take him in and wanted to keep him," Savannah Orta said.

But then they got a call, from the SPCA in San Francisco. They had found Squishy. They had identified him from the microchip he'd gotten implanted as a kitten, but they couldn't quite believe the address. This was a Lathrop cat, hanging out some 80 miles away.

"I go 'Where is he?' And she goes 'He's in San Francisco.' And I go, 'Where?!'" Savannah Orta said.

A month and 80 miles since last being home, Savannah made the drive to the city right away to pick him up.

"I have no idea how he ended up all the way out there," she said.

They don't know how he got there, they don't know what he was doing while he was there,  but they do know the first thing he did when he got home was take a nice long cat nap.