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Former San Joaquin County Forensic Pathologist Provides Disturbing Details in New Documents

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY -- A former San Joaquin County medical examiner says the body of 17-year-old Felix Cummings still hasn't received a full examination because the sheriff's department never gave her the documents she needed to complete the job.

The Stockton teenager was, according to sheriff's department reports, shot in a marijuana grow near Holt the weekend of Oct. 1.

But the delays in his case are just the beginning. The 54 pages of memorandum written by Dr. Susan Parson allege rampant dysfunction in the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department.

In another case, Parson talks about an investigation into a skydiving death.

She says the story FOX40 News ran on the incident had more information than what she was given in sheriff's department reports.

Parson said in other cases, bodies were brought to the county morgue for no reason at all, costing grieving families an unnecessary $350 each time.

And in perhaps the most gruesome of the memorandum, Parson details a case where she says hands were illegally cut off of a body, and sent to the Department of Justice. The procedure, she says, was kept hidden from her, and performed illegally by a technician at the direction of a sheriff's deputy.