Several Vehicles Spray-Painted in West Sacramento Neighborhood

WEST SACRAMETNO -- 'Tis the season for decorating, but not the kind of designs that showed up on some West Sacramento homes and cars Monday morning.

"We were  just shocked, you know, neighbors cars, everything, a bunch of cars were done," said the owner of Exotic Limo, as he stood near a now-damaged part of his fleet.

He didn't want his name or face revealed, but he'd like both of those things to be revealed about the vandal Van Goghs who went on a tagging spree around West Meadowlark Circle and Pheasant Hollow Drive.

A few hours of fun for some meant a pretty big hit to Exotic Limo's bottom line.

"It'd be somewhere around $1,000," said Exotic's owner, describing the kind of fee he would get for the Range Rover model that seats 14.

It was booked up for this week.

Another ride parked a few houses away doesn't seat more than a dozen, but that doesn't mean the situation is any less irritating to Kevin Singh.

FOX40 caught up with him earlier in the day to talk about his pickup.

"It feels bad. It looks bad, you know, mean it looks like. I don't think it's someone local. It's gotta be someone from somewhere else. We never had this happen before," said Singh.

Police are still trying to pin down just who was holding the spray paint cans between 11:30 p.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday -- ruining what so many have worked for.

"They should respect people's property and not do something like this. One day when they build something themselves, I'm sure they'll want to cherish it," said the limo company owner.