Mobile Pet Groomer’s Truck Stolen in Stockton

STOCKTON -- Grace Beach didn't just have her truck stolen -- the thieves took her livelihood.

She owns Beach Buddies Mobile Pet Grooming, a business that was run solely out of her custom-built pet grooming trailer hitched to the back of her family's 2003 Ford F-250 diesel pickup truck.

That truck was stolen from in front of their Longview Avenue home, along with the trailer.

"My whole business is gone," she said.

Inside the trailer is thousands of dollars of scissors, blades, brushes and grooming equipment and supplies. While an insurance settlement on the vehicles will take time, she’s out for tools of her trade during the crucial holiday period for groomers.

"The biggest tips and our clients are more generous during that month, so usually this would be the best month of the year for me," she told FOX40.

Grace’s husband William searched the internet and found that several Ford diesels like his have been stolen. It’s a blow during the Christmas season for the couple who have four kids.

"All of a sudden, you wake up one morning and your truck's gone and your business is gone and it has a very big impact on your life," William said.

While William’s income pays the regular bills, they are concerned for their daughter Kylie who has epilepsy, and is developmentally disabled. It's not something the Beach family brought up right away but they are worried about paying for the medication she needs.

Grace hopes her trailer and tools are found, and is concerned for other truck owners.

"I would definitely protect it more than an alarm because we had an alarm and that didn't protect it," she said.

Meanwhile, the couple says their kids are understanding of the fact that it might not be the kind of Christmas that they expected.

"We’ll make it through, you know," she said. "I have a good family and we’ll make it."