State of Jefferson Supporters Say Volunteers for Three Californias are Misrepresenting Themselves to Voters

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SACRAMENTO -- California is a large state; some believe it's gotten too large to govern properly.

Currently, there are at least two separate movements to split the state up. One is the State of Jefferson and the other proposes cutting the state into three parts.

Well now supporters of the Jefferson Movement are upset, saying volunteers collecting signatures for the Three California Movement are misrepresenting themselves as State of Jefferson volunteers.

"It's a con, it's a lie, it's unethical really," said Mike Murray, State of Jefferson supporter.

Murray says it all started at the Walmart on Pleasant Grove Boulevard in Roseville.

"I got out of my car and I noticed a bunch of repeal the gas tax signs all over a signature booth," Murray said.

Murry says he started talking with this man in the blue coat about how much he too didn't like the gas tax.

"I think I might have hit some key words for him, because he started telling me about his State of Jefferson petition that he had at the table as well," Murray explained. "I started looking at that, and it was not the State of Jefferson."

The State of Jefferson is a movement to divide the state of California into two -- 21 northern California counties which Murray says should not include Sacramento or the Bay Area.

But, Murray says the volunteers' petition did.

In fact, the petition was for another movement called “Three Californias” which proposes splitting the golden state into three.

That's when Murray says he called him out.

"He told me that political speech is not illegal. And he can stand there and lie to people all he wants," Murray said.

There was a similar situation at a Susanville Walmart parking lot, captured on video by Hal Nixon.

"He was telling people a lie. Telling them this was the Jefferson petition. There is no Jefferson petition," Nixon said.

State of Jefferson organizers say they've received a handful of reports from supporters accusing “Three Californias” supporters of misrepresenting themselves.

One – they say – even displayed a State of Jefferson flag at his booth.

"The purpose of Jefferson is to be self governed. We will have no representation if San Francisco is the seat," Greg Walsh said.

Murray hopes others who support the State of Jefferson are not fooled.

"Read before you sign," Murray said.

The leader behind Three Californias, Tim Draper, released the following statement regarding this situation:

We will look into this and make sure we properly train signature gatherers to understand that 3 Californias is all about better education, better infrastructure and lower taxes. 

Best, Tim Draper 

It's unclear just how many signatures Draper has collected so far but according to the secretary of state's office, Draper must collect more than 365,000 of them before next April.


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