Student Helps Friend Complete Bucket List after Cancer Diagnoses

Simone is in the studio with friends Chris Betancourt and Dillon Hill. Chris was recently re-diagnosed with cancer so Dillon has decided to pause his college education in order to help Chris fulfill his life bucket list.


One List, One Life

Chris and Dillon’s bucket list (in no particular order)

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Massive game of paintball
100% Achievements in Call of Duty 4
Break a world record
See a baseball game
Be on TV
See Sequoia National Forest
Sing for a large audience
Go to a buffet and eat until they tell me to leave
Meet Burnie Burns
Culture trip to San Francisco
Try the World's Hottest Pepper
Escape room
Lift weights with The Rock
Laser dodging game
Meet and go shooting with Matt from DemolitionRanch /OfftheRanch /VetRanch
Meet Idubbbz
Massive game of dog ball
Film a ‘prank’ video
TP Someone’s House
Help an old lady cross the street
Meet Johnny Depp and listen to some of his amazing stories
Go around and give homeless people food and water ✔️
Smash a Real Guitar
Raft down the river
Host a haunted house
Watch the entire lord of the rings trilogy back to back
 Yell really loud in a quiet place  ✔️
Have a different car eventually
Christmas Carol
Find love before I die
Have a pillow fight with complete strangers
Go to Yosemite
Befriend a homeless person
Help demolish a house
Swim in a frozen lake
Build a huge beach fort
Fly a plane
Build a huge sandcastle
Road Trip!
Go sky diving
Meet Philip Defranco
Climb a mountain
Paraglide in Lake Tahoe
Order 100 of an item from a fast food place✔️
Light off fireworks in the desert
Winning a carnival game
Live a day as a blind person
Give a speech on something I know nothing about
Ask a store for stuff they do not sell
Get our art published in a Gallery
Go on the world’s longest slide
Meet someone from Reddit✔️
Visit Japan
Hand food to people sitting next to us in traffic
Be on Russian TV
Shoot a grenade launcher in Las Vegas
Be in a movie
Be on Ellen
Eat Matsusaka beef in Japan (suggested by Patron)
Backpack through Europe (suggested by Patron)
Bungee Jump (suggested by Patron)
Dive with sharks (suggested by Patron)
Get matching tattoos (suggested by Patron)
Game with Total Biscuit
Be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
Go to space
Smash stuff with a steam roller
Try one new food everyday for a week (suggested by Patron)
Go on a tour of Gamers Gift visits
Be in a video game
Host an episode of Vsauce
Be in a car race
Make a music video
Be on Good Mythical Morning
Go to a rope course
Go to Broadway (in honor of Anonymous)
Walk on a fashion runway
Ride an elephant (in honor of Alice Ruggles)