Family Living in Hotel for Weeks after Black Mold Discovered in Apartment

DAVIS -- A Davis family has been living out of a hotel after black mold was found in their apartment. They say they were told it would take a few days to clear out the mold, but they have been out of their home for weeks.

Beth and Tim Padilla share two beds with their daughters and their cat and dog. The Days Inn is not the most spacious, but it's where Berkley Management is paying for them to stay.

"It makes me feel bad as a parent because I never expected to live in a hotel, especially when we have a home right down the road," Beth said. "They're used to their big room with toys and books and all of their stuff and they don't have any of that there."

All of their stuff is inside the Alvarado Sunset apartments but they can't get it because of the mold. It appears in the kitchen cabinets and upstairs in the children's bedroom along the floor.

"We brought it to the manager's attention right away," Tim said.

When the lease was signed back in August, it was noted in the inspection that black mold was found inside. The Padillas said they were told the mold would be taken care of but it wasn't.

"It's not about money in these situations, it's about how fast you can remedy the situation," Tim told FOX40.

He says the family wasn't put up in a hotel until a mold inspection team came to test the apartment almost three months after they moved in.

The inspection revealed a large amount of black mold, four other types of fungi and an elevated spore count -- conditions not safe enough for anyone to live in, especially children.

"Initially they told us a few days, but it turned into a week and now it's two and a half weeks," Tim said.

But from walking around the apartment, it doesn't look like any progress has been made.

The Padillas have already spent Thanksgiving at the hotel, and they may have to spend Christmas there.

"It's hard to see families decorating for Christmas and all that," Beth said. "What we want out of this is to be back home."