Live Oak’s New Mayor is Youngest in City’s History

LIVE OAK -- It isn't a birthday that brought this family together. They aren't celebrating a graduation or a wedding, but there is some exciting news.

At Betty's Authentic Mexican Food in Live Oak, owners Betty and Milan Tica break bread with their family after a major moment at city hall -- their 26-year-old son is now the mayor of the city.

Aleksandar Tica made history Wednesday night as the youngest person to be appointed mayor in Live Oak.

"You can't judge a book by its cover, just give us a chance, give the younger generation a chance," Aleksandar Tica said.

The Sutter County native has spent his whole life there. He says he got involved in politics because he wanted to see his city represented in a bigger way economically. That's why at 25, Aleksandar Tica ran for a seat on city council -- and won.

"The whole campaigning and everything, I just had to jump into it, no campaign managers, my mom and I had to do everything," Aleksandar Tica said.

"Going around putting signs and helping him out, every time I see one fall over, I'd go out and pick it up," Betty Tica said.

He credits that support from his parents for his success at such a young age. While some have their doubts about a 26-year-old running a city, he already has a to-do list. One of his top priorities? Economic development.

"We have to bring new businesses in, all for anything that brings jobs, anything that's going to help out," Aleksandar Tica said.

Over a warm plate of Mexican food at the family restaurant, Aleksandar Tica's loved ones say they know he's the right man for the job.

"He has some big challenges coming up, I truly feel he's capable of doing it," Betty Tica said.