Mother Seeking Justice for 2-Year-Old Son Worried After Two San Joaquin County Forensic Pathologists Resign

SALIDA -- A grieving mother seeking justice for her 2-year-old son is now worried about the next steps in her son's murder case. Her fear comes as the allegation against the San Joaquin County Coroner's Office and Sheriff Steve Moore continue to pile up.

Brittany Gonzales has been fighting for the truth of what happened to her son. She now fears that justice will be impacted because of the shake up within the sheriff's department.

Trinkets, photos, and loving memories of Gonzales' 2-year-old son, Jaxson Love, still fill her home.

"He was the light of my life," Gonzales said.

Now that he's gone, the Salida mother continues to fight for justice. A journey, she fears, might be impacted.

"The people you were supposed to be going to for answers, to get a clear definition of what happened, you don't get an answer," Gonzales said.

After the news broke that forensic pathologists Dr. Susan Parson and Dr. Bennet Omalu had resigned from San Joaquin County, over claims the sheriff acts unlawfully and unethically, Gonzales became worried.

She says the pathologist conducting her son's autopsy is Parson.

"I can only imagine what the other victims' families are going through," Gonzales said.

As FOX40 has reported, Stockton police investigators say Jax died back in July at the hands of his stepmother, Chalsey Maynard. The case is still going through the court system.

"It sucks coming to these, and she hasn't even pleaded, and I feel like it's a never-ending nightmare. I just want it to end," Gonzales said.

University of the Pacific law Professor Leslie Jacobs says the pathologists' resignations could prompt defense attorneys to act.

"We can expect those attorneys to be looking to figure out if these allegations impact the evidence upon which the convictions are based," Jacobs said.

"So they could bring a motion at the trial court for a new trial, they could bring a habeas corpus motion. If they're on appeal they could raise the issue on appeal," Jacobs added. ‚Äč

The San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office has said in a statement that their office "conducts an independent review of the pathology reports, as well as reports from the investigating law enforcement agency."

For Gonzales, who wears a butterfly necklace -- a reminder of Jax close to her heart, she says she won't stop fighting for her little boy, until whomever is responsible for his death is held accountable.

"I know it's never going to end because my son's not here," she said.

The sheriff has released a statement in regards to the latest allegations against him, saying:

"There have been questions recently about whether I have interfered with forensic investigations. That has never happened."

The sheriff's spokesman says Sheriff Moore will speak on camera on Friday.