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Renowned Violinist to Perform with Davis High School

DAVIS -- Mark Wood is a bit of a legend in the world of violin.

He rose to fame as an original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and played along with pop megastars like Celine Dion, Billy Joel and Lenny Kravitz.

Wood has played some of the most prestigious venues in the world and next week, he's playing the Mondavi Center in Davis with the Davis Senior High School orchestra.

He told FOX40 he loves working with young people because their energy is inspiring.

"We want that unbridled energy that's slightly on the edge of out of control," Wood said. "These guys are committed a hundred percent so that elevation of performance is going to be twice as high as a professional orchestra."

Wood is known for his high-energy performances mainly because of his history playing electric violin with rock groups.

"This is not an instrument. It's a vehicle for me to travel the universe," he said.

It's an out-of-this-world experience Davis junior Nina Martin is excited for.

"It's such a unique opportunity," she told FOX40. "So it's really challenged me and the whole orchestra as musicians to sort of get a feel for several new genres."

Martin said that extra flourish is new to her as a cellist.

"A lot of these songs, it's fun to move and with whatever you're playing. However, as a cellist, it would probably be a lot harder to move than it would be standing up with a violin," she said.

The performance is Friday, Dec. 15 at the Mondavi Center.