‘Khaki Bandit’ Remains At Large after Robbing 11 Northern California Banks

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SACRAMENTO -- A robbery suspect, who officials have named the "Khaki Bandit," robbed another bank Tuesday in Northern California.

The Khaki Bandit has carried out 14 robberies at 11 banks in seven different counties across Northern California since 2013.

Anna Wessels was there when the Khaki Bandit robbed the El Dorado Savings Bank in Grass Valley back in May.

"Yeah, it was kind of scary," she said.

"We're just this tight knit little community where you don't think that's gonna happen," said Jessica Bennett, another El Dorado Savings Bank customer. "Just leave our little nook alone."

The FBI has not disclosed how much money the suspect has gotten away with, but says every time he enters a bank his plan is a little different. The one consistent hallmark is that he always wears the same khaki pants.

"He's used a variety of different disguises," said Gina Swankie with the FBI. "The one consistent thing is he's largely worn khaki pants."

Swankie reports the suspect targets rural area banks where he believes he can get out quickly.

The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.