Good Samaritan Loses Legs During Heroic Deed

SACRAMENTO -- A family is still in shock after their daughter's act of kindness led to devastating injuries.

It’s a question Penny Shabazian can’t stop asking herself.

"How much can one person take, you know? How much?" Shabazian said.

That person is her daughter, Lindsay, whose life forever changed Thursday night when she went to help a stranger move a stalled car off the road near Highlands High School in Sacramento.

"She just has a big heart, and I’m sure she saw this person in need and didn’t think how this was all going to pan out," Penny Shabazian said.

A car hit Lindsay Shabazian as she pushed the stranger's car, pinning her and severing her legs. She also has cracked ribs, a broken pelvis and arm as well as issues with her spleen and liver. Her parents say she is losing her will to live.

Seeing their daughter in agony has been excruciating for Penny Shabazian and her husband, Charles Shabazian.

"It doesn’t happen," Charles Shabazian said. "You don’t expect this to happen."

"It’s hard to go into a hospital and see your daughter laying there with no legs," Penny Shabazian said. "And I can’t fix her."

As the couple sifted through photographs of the 38-year-old’s two young children, whom they are now caring for, they said their faith was what was helping them cope.

"We want everybody that hears this story to just pray to God, please," Penny Shabazian said. "That’s what we are asking for, prayer. And we are firm believers, and God will carry us through."

A faith that they hope will help their daughter overcome this newest obstacle, one that leaves Penny Shabazian asking why.

"I don’t know, she did something good and this is what she is going to get for the rest of her life," she said.

If you would like to donate to the family you can visit their YouCaring page.