Jibboom Street Bridge Closure Pushed Back

SACRAMENTO -- The day has come, but the closure has not.

This is the Jibboom Street Bridge into Sacramento's Discovery Park. For weeks, the folks at Sacramento County Regional Parks have been warning the bridge would be closing Sunday. Closing for everyone -- pedestrians, bicyclists, horses and cars.

"Well, they said is was supposed to be closed, but when I drove by and it was open I thought, 'What the hell?'" said Rio Linda resident Joe Branon.

On Friday, two days before that scheduled closure, an update was posted to the county parks website:The Bridge wouldn't actually be closed until Jan. 2.

The signs saying the bridge is closed remain up, leading to some confusion and frustration at the park.

"They're supposed to follow through, if not one else does, the people who built the city are supposed to hold to their word," said Sacramento resident Liz Williams.

"I don't know why they didn't close it, or what they got going on. They're always back-and-forth," Branon said.

Assuming things stick to the new schedule, the bridge will now close Jan. 2 through May 31. During construction, the metal decking will be replaced and the vintage 1931 span will get a new paint job.

But, not yet.

But hey, that's not all bad.

"Yeah, because if it wasn't open today, I would have had to walk all the way around," Williams said.