Mother of Chandra Levy Speaks Out About Culture of Sexual Misconduct in Washington, D.C.

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MODESTO -- The mother of slain Washington, D.C., intern Chandra Levy is speaking out about the culture of sexual misconduct in the nation's capital.

Susan Levy spoke to FOX40's Ben Deci in her Modesto home.

"I'm angry. I'm angry that so many woman have been sexualized," Susan Levy said.

Chandra Levy was 24 in 2001 when she was killed. It's a case that drew intense national attention. At the time of her death, Levy was in an intimate relationship with Gary Condit, a then 53-year-old congressman from California.

Her mother says, if her daughter were alive, she would be part of the #metoo movement, which has brought sexual misconduct, particularly where it intersects with abuse of power, to the forefront of American politics and culture.

"She can't say, 'Me Too,'" said Susan Levy. "I'm saying it for her."

Susan Levy says she still lives with the pain of losing her daughter daily, and she believes the truth of Chandra's death still hasn't been uncovered.

A man named Igmar Guandique was prosecuted for Chandra's murder, but his conviction was dropped on appeal and the undocumented Guandique was deported to El Salvador instead.

"Is it possible that my daughter was snuffed out because she wasn't going to go along with the game of sexual power-- whatever's currently going on in Washington?" Levy asked.

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