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Art from Wayne Thiebaud to be Displayed at UC Davis

DAVIS -- Very carefully, a masterpiece is unveiled.

Wayne Thiebaud's "Bakery Counter" and 60 more pieces of the contemporary artist's collection will be displayed at the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis.

Thiebaud, a Sacramento Resident, is known for painting food and baked goods.

His piece "Bakery Counter" is one of Thiebaud's most famous.

"Wayne Thiebaud didn't often paint large. So this is one of the largest paintings he ever made, and it's of one of the subjects that he painted most often -- the candy or bakery counters in sweet shops," said Rachel Teagle, founding director of the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art.

Teagle, says it is a big opportunity for the museum to have such a large collection of Thiebaud's on campus -- especially since the museum has only been open for a year.

"He is by far the most famous painter of the Central Valley. Some people would say the most important living painter in California, maybe even the United States," Teagle said.

The Thiebaud exhibition will feature work from his most prominent years, 1958 through 1968.

"When he became famous, was in Life Magazine and Time Magazine in the summer of 1962. So what we gathered are 60 of the paintings that made him famous," Teagle said.

Famous paintings that the public will be able to see for free at the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art starting next month.