Man Accused of DUI Smashes into Modesto Home

MODESTO -- There's a hole in Kathleen Powell's home...

"That room that they're boarding up is connected to where he was laying," she said.

Where there could have been a hole in her heart.

“Within 3 feet, he wouldn’t have made it himself. My husband, the roof would have caved in on him," she said.

The roof was cracked through the entire length of the house early Tuesday morning when a driver hit her home -- hard. So hard that mud from the front yard landed in the back yard.

"The lawn was really wet, and it flew all the way back here," she said.

Along with a few beer cans her husband found.

And then, there's the papers on the roof.

"That’s the little boy's homework that keeps flying off of there," Powell said.

Tuesday night, while doctors treated the driver for serious injuries, she thinks about that little boy whose spelling test floated down from the rood.

She thinks about how thankful she is that he was not in that car, too. She thinks, "When is this ever going to stop?"

"People thinking ... that they can fly home," Powell said.

Modesto police say they believe the man behind the wheel, 26-year-old Stephen Nelson, was driving under the influence.

As for speed, they say first he sideswiped two cars and sheered a street lamp off its base before flipping toward the house and landing inside.

"Thank God my husband's alive," Powell said.

She says she's not angry with Nelson.

"I didn't think he was alive," she said.

How could she be, when she thought he was dead?

"I hope he's OK, I really do," she said.